Anglican Diocese of Ballarat

Proclaiming the Gospel to the people of southern and western Victoria. Spend some time exploring with us some of the great things God is doing in this part of His vineyard.

Coronavirus Guidelines
and Parish Resources

Abundant Life

As we emerge from the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, we are in a wonderful position to live out Jesus’ call to abundant life!


Synod 2022


The third session of the 33rd Synod of our Diocese will be held over the weekend of 21/22 October. You can fid the reports presented to the Synod in this folder along with local and national church legislation being presented.

Abundant Living @ the Grammar Farm


Abundant life in all its forms has been the focus of the Diocese throughout 2022! We have had the opportunity to gather together once more and a range of events around the Diocese have been enjoyed as we reflect on, explore more deeply and enjoy the abundant life that God has given us.

Abundant Lives


The Ministry Development Committee is inviting people from across the diocese to contribute towards a collection we’re calling “Abundant Lives” – a book about Christian people that have inspired us on our own faith journeys.

Safe Church

We affirm that all people have the right to be emotionally and physically safe, respected and have their views and opinions valued at all times.

For people who have experienced insttutional child sexual abuse

Ministry Opportunities

Explore some of the parishes across our Diocese currently seeking new clergy.